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Constant improvement is a quality that embraces the sprit of the Traditional Martial Arts. As an organization, it is the mission of the Kaizen Do to assist professional Martial Art schools in all facets of their operation.

The collective knowledge of this organization in: Karate, Tai Chi, Kobudo, Jujutsu, Pa Kua, self defense tactics, and physical training sciences; provides it's members with many valuable resources. These shared resources advance all members of the Kaizen Do to the forefront of Martial Arts education, for both children and adults.

Professional skills define the longevity and success of any business. The Kaizen Do provides its members assistance from this perspective also. Offering business strategies and marketing plans, one of the fundamental aims of the Kaizen Do is to help its members to become more successful.

The Kaizen Do provides the best possible opportunity for the long term success of the Martial Arts professional. This success ensures that committed students have a place to train for a lifetime.

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Founder Shihan Brian Cyr

To accomplish a personal goal of providing the highest quality of Martial Arts instruction available, Shihan Cyr has trained with some of the top Martial Artists found in the world today. This study of traditional and modern systems has taken him across Canada, the United States, down into Brazil and to the birthplace of many great Arts: Japan, Okinawa, Thailand, and the Shaolin Temple in Hunan Province, China.

A humble beginning in 1983, Brian Cyr embarked upon his Martial Arts training at a small Dojo in Southern Ontario. Operating under the supervision of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, it was in this Dojo that Mr. Cyr would learn much of his primary Martial Arts skills. It was here too that Mr. Cyr was first introduced to Tenth Dan, O’Sensei Richard Kim, the head of the Butoku Kai. A mentor to Mr. Cyr for nearly twenty years, Sensei Kim’s knowledge of the Martial Arts was unprecedented.

Training and teaching under the tutelage of Sensei Kim until his passing in the fall of 2001, Mr Cyr was honoured with a Fourth Dan rank in Karate and Kobudo along with a First Dan in Japanese Jiu Jitsu. More important than rankings, Mr. Cyr believes that the greatest gift Sensei Kim had to offer was his understanding of the philosophical and psychological principles of the Martial Arts. It is an honour to be able to pass this information along to new generations of Martial Artists, although Sensei Kim’s knowledge and application of Budo can never be replaced.

Martial Arts training has taken Mr. Cyr to many locations around the world, one of particular interest is Okinawa; the birthplace of Karate. During the spring of 2005, he lived and trained at the Dojo of Teshiro Hokama Hanshi - Ninth Dan Goju Ryu Karate. While in Okinawa, Hokama Hanshi tested and promoted Mr. Cyr to the rank of Sixth Dan (Renshi) and presented him with the Senior Teaching title of Shihan. Mr. Cyr is looking forward to a continuous training relationship with Hokama Sensei, and will be incorporating some of this information into his own teachings.

Believing that a good teacher must be an avid student, Mr. Cyr has complemented his study of the classical Martial Arts with modern self defence systems. He has trained in contemporary styles of Jiu Jitsu with Rickson Gracie, and is PPCT certified in defensive tactics, pressure point control, and weapons control. Throughout the year, Mr. Cyr instructs seminars for the Ontario Provincial Police and a number of regional forces in: personal protection, assailant control, standing and ground self defence. These contemporary defence systems along with his continuing study and teaching of classical Martial Arts allow Mr. Cyr to offer many practical skills to his students.

In harmony with these studies of the physical or external Arts of Karate, Kobudo and Jiu Jitsu, Mr. Cyr is a student and teacher of the soft or Internal Arts. Commencing with the instruction of Sensei Kim he studied Pa Kua and Yang Tai Chi. More recently a student of the Wu style of Tai Chi, Shihan Cyr offers an extensive Internal Arts program to his students.

With his wife Kim standing by his side, Mr. Cyr began a life long commitment to the Martial Arts in the spring of 1988, when they opened the first Academy of Martial Arts. Today with over 2,000 students, the Academies of Martial Arts are a collective of professional schools committed to the propagation of traditional Martial Arts and the personal development of its students. In addition to his personal training goals, Shihan Cyr continues to commit the majority of his time to teaching and is currently writing two books on the technical and philosophical application of the Martial Arts. He wishes to acknowledge that without the support of his senior students and family, none of this would be possible.


Founder Kyoshi Greg Mellor

kyoshimellor.pngFrom the early age of eleven Greg Mellor was showing promise of becoming a great Martial Arts teacher. At this young age his Saturdays were spent instructing younger children in Judo and Karate at the Dojo (Traditional Training School) of his teacher, Mr. Benny Allen. His commitment to teaching and dedication to his own training help Mr. Mellor to earn his Shodan (First Degree Black Belt) by the age of sixteen.

In his early years Mr. Mellor was actively teaching and competing throughout Southern Ontario and the bordering American States. Although a strong competitor in all aspects of these tournaments, it was his proficiency in the discipline of Kata (Traditional Martial Arts Forms) that would earn Mr. Mellor a ticket to San Francisco and the opportunity to train with O’Sensei Richard Kim.

His teacher Mr. Benny Allen was one of the early pioneers of the Traditional Martial Arts in Canada and a strong influence on Mr. Mellor. However, recognizing the great opportunity facing his nineteen-year old student Mr. Allen was proud to see Mr. Mellor enter this next phase in his training.

Master Kim’s philosophical understanding of the Traditional Martial Arts was unprecedented and his time-honored training methods impressed the young Mr. Mellor. Training and traveling with O’Sensei Kim around the world, Mr. Mellor earned the respect of his mentor and would later become his “Canadian Technical Director” in 1986; in this same year he was awarded a Fifth Degree Black Belt by Sensei Kim. Until his passing in 2001, Mr. Mellor remained a loyal student and committed learner under the tutelage of Master Richard Kim.

In 1980 Kyoshi Mellor opened his first Dojo in the Stoney Creek YMCA, and has operated a full time Dojo ever since. Since the passing of O’Sensei Kim; Mr. Mellors quest for a deeper understanding of the Karate style of Goju eventually lead him to a Chinese source of the Traditional Martial Arts.

Sifu Mo, a master of the Chinese arts, has been this source for Mr. Mellor, for several years now. Under Sifu Mo, Mr. Mellor continues to be an avid student of the Traditional Martial Arts, studying: Wu style Tai Chi, Ba Qua, and Hsing-i. These ancient styles offer Kyoshi Mellor a new level of comprehension to Goju Karate; however, Mr Mellor acknowledges that to be a student of the Traditional Martial Arts is to be a student for life.



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