“Practice yourself what you preach.”

Titus Maccius Plautus (254 BC - 184 BC)




Any instructor will tell you that they enjoyed the Martial Arts the most when they were a student. After all, it was the training that attracted them to the Martial Arts in the first place. Unfortunately, time has the ability to change most things.

Time working in accord with a number of external influences can cheat the most enthusiastic of students from their fundamental desire to learn. Many Martial Arts professionals have fallen into this trap over the years. Their school sees some success, and then before they know it the business of running a club takes over. As the daily operations of teaching get more demanding their own training suffers.

There are countless Martial Arts schools that are run by someone who no longer trains, practices, or even teaches. Once they did, but now the business occupies all of their time. They hire teachers, strategize marketing positions, plan events, and pay bills. Typically these schools begin to suffer and are eventually sold or closed.

The Kaizen Do offers training for the Traditional Martial Arts professional, regardless of classical discipline. A collective knowledge of the practical application of the Martial Arts in relation to daily life, offers advanced training for all levels.

Quality instruction, teaching systems, and business development for the Traditional Martial Artist are the assets of the Kaizen Do. Community representation and exceptional professional conduct are fundamental qualities upon which these assets are constructed.

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